Caelestia – Infernalia

Calestia is a seasoned sypmhonic gothic/death metal band hailing from Greece. It formed in 2013 and released two full length records in 2015 and 2017. After years of silence and inconsistency with the line-up, its back with a new line-up and refreshed style.

Moving from symphonic/gothic metal past, Infernalia embraces a more extreme and riff based death metal style, infused with melodic elements and black metal passages. This compelling anthology of four tracks marks a bold new era for the band and you can feel the renewned energy of the band through speakers. I also enjoyed the fact that the music itself does not sound that modern, and has that more of a nostalgic, classical melodic death/black metal sense.

Subtle synthwork adding symphonic layers but I especially enjoyed the precision of the guitars. Each song has some catchy hooks and melodic parts but I guess my favourite song is To the Elder Elemental Eye for now. Its bold, rich and although I can’t say its proggressive it has many transitions to keep things interesting. Siren is also a solid track with ear-worm melodies.

Caelestia shows significant evolution with Infernalia, and I hope they keep the line-up intact to create more than this EP. If you’re a fan of late 90’s, atmospheric and melodic death/black metal, Caelestia offers a very much enjoyable 22 minutes with Infernalia. Give it a chance.

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Korhan Tok

Üniversiteden sonra metali bırakmadım.

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