Darkthrone – It Beckons Us All…….

From primitive black metal to death metal, to crust/punk to traditional doom, to heavy metal to even psychedelia, Darkthrone has always released serious records that pays these respective genres proper tribute. They’re both like walking encyclopaedias of metal, and I don’t think talent, understanding the genre or ability to play are issues when listening/reviewing a new Darkthrone album. Fenriz and Nocturno Culto are not trying to do their bests, they’re simply playing whatever the hell they like and if you’re not enjoying it, well, they’re not giving a fuck for, like, four freaking decades.

Thats why when I read the duo shooked hands after finished recording It Beckons Us All (I’m not going to type those dots), it piqued my interest. I’m already loving their “quality background music for an alcoholic environment where metal is being discussed with right people” approach and although I’m pretty sure that they’d not suddenly switch to a different pattern, I wondered whats so different that made them really proud. I think I have the answer:

This is still old-man metal with obvious hails to legendary bands like CELTIC FROST, VENOM, MERCYFUL FATE, HELLHAMMER, SARFOCAGO (the list goes on), and still feels like a careless jam session of two best friends. While there are still punk, death, black and doom metal influences in the band’s sound, it sounds like a classic metal record more than anything else. Production is simply amazing. Nothing is squeezed, brick-walled or buried and I’m hearing more layers than Astral Fortress or Eternal Hails. I think this cleaner, breathing production serves great to “Doomthrone”.

Howling Primitive Colonies is a mid-tempo piece with some blackened edges and doom atmosphere. It starts with an eerie, short synth. which sets the atmosphere swiftly, and with many classic riffs in abundance Darkthrone starts doing whatever Darkthrone does best. Culto’s vocals reminding Buried Alive by Venom, galloping riffs, melodic doom hooks and Fenriz’s undeniable, fat, snare. All combines to form a bleak, blackened, no muss no fuss traditional metal. It may not be the best opening to get pumped but hey, we’re not dealing with an ordinary band trying to sell records here.

Eon 3 is currently the final part of the Eon series, started all the way back in 1991 and continued after 31 years. Its the most Mercyful Fate inspired song on the record and Fenriz is back with his clean vocals. He is pretty much singing here, which is oddly satisfying. Black Down Affiliation is another killer with some catchy riffs, blackened elements and as the song climbs to the top, subtle synthwork is the one actually carrying it. Recent COFFIN STORM debut also has this kind of malignant touches, but everything sounds darker with Darkthrone.

Towards the end of side A (yep, they’re old) comes an instrumental interlude. The bass sounds cool and I enjoyed the lead guitar as well but overall, it does not anything different than previous songs -at least thematically/atmospherically., After that, the anthemic The Bird People of Nordland kicks off the second half with some cavernous doom riffs against an ancient drum beat. This is ridiculously simple, yet effective. The tempo switch during the song’s back half brings back the fast Darkthrone, which feels like a dusty, magical guardian waking up and swiping puny adventurers seeking fortune in an ancient tomb. Its not like the real fast Darkthrone but I’m content with what I have.

I think the only weak link is The Heavy Hand. It has that signature bends, prehistoric riffs and crashes but sometimes too much nostalgia can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we have a really refreshing closer. The Lone Pines of the Lost Planet is a 10-minute long epic. I know it does not sound refreshing but just listen the intro and I’m sure you’ll agree. It feels like something METALLICA would do and after that it evolves to a massive doom epic, even throwing curveballs like harmonized guitars, ambient sections and Fenriz’s epic vocals at the end. Lost Arcane City of Uppakra was my favorite closer among recent Darkthrone albums, but this one took the throne.

Darkthrone -especially now- is not for everyone, and that’s totally ok. You might think its just the nostalgia trap but I’m telling you its not. For anyone who really knows 80’s and deep roots of extreme metal, It Beckons Us All is the best record they’ve put since Arctic Thunder. Its consistent, dynamic, well-produced and gives a truely satisfaction at the end. Darkthrone -indeed- beckons us all…….


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Korhan Tok

Üniversiteden sonra metali bırakmadım.

2 thoughts on “Darkthrone – It Beckons Us All…….

  • bk

    Bu albüm ne yazık ki benim için senenin en büyük hayal kırıklıklarından. Önceki albümlerin direkt kopyala yapıştırı olmuş hiçbir yeniliği yok. Konu Darkthrone olunca aynı şeyleri tekrar tekrar duymak tabii ki şaşırtmıyor ama bu sefer iyi olmamış bence.

  • Berkan

    “quality background music for an alcoholic environment where metal is being discussed with right people” 😂
    The next album title will have more dots and before you know they’ll release an album called “………………………..”


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